​Hardware Software Requirements

Hardware Software Requirements

Write an analysis of the following:

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Consider the types of hardware and software your business will require. You should consider the following: computers, mobile devices, servers, hardware for reading credit cards, telephones, etc. You should consider software requirements for: bookkeeping, customer payments, mobile apps, employee payroll, etc. Will you use local servers or a Cloud computing structure? You need to be thinking about what will be required within the first six months of starting your business. What do you need to get your company up and running?

Instructions for your submission:

  • Create a new Word document
  • Save the document as “Appendix A-YourName
  • Add a bolded heading titled: Hardware and Software
  • Follow the formatting requirements below
  • Be sure your analysis is clear and organized.
  • Change the Footer on the Word document to: Left (Your Name), Middle (Page number), Right (semester, year).
  • Submit “Appendix A-YourName” prior to the due date and time.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • One-inch margins (indent first line of paragraphs 1/2-inch)
  • Double spaced (no extra spacing before or after paragraphs)
  • Correct spelling and punctuation
  • Complete sentences

For future reference:

For your final Implementation Plan, you will use Excel to complete a budget. While analyzing your hardware and software needs, you may want to research the costs associated with your hardware and software requirements online. You can shop at BestBuy.com, Amazon, etc. If you take notes of this information now, it may save you time later.

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