1200 word paper on police trends

Write a 1,200-word paper in which you evaluate past, present, and future trends of the police.

Limit past trends to the post-World War II era {What we consider the modern criminal justice era)..

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Include current research data (qualitative and quantitative) in your evaluation.

Discuss the budgetary and managerial effects of future trends not only on the component you select, but also on the other components of the criminal justice system.

Include at least four scholarly (peer-reviewed or professional) research sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines including citations and a reference page. ORIGINAL work ONLY. Plagiarized work will be reported.

NOTE: A “trend” is a general tendency or course of events and not a “history” of the component.If asked about trends in the United States, we may evaluate population trends, political polarization trends, demographic trends, and social philosophy trends (for example) – but we would not offer a history of the United States.Within this assignment, do not offer a history of police, courts, or corrections – such is not the purpose of this assignment.Instead, evaluate specific trends within the selected component.

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