2 discussions

2 discussions.

Training and Development

You work for a company with 200 employees, in the industry of your choice, and are tasked with developing a new e-learning system. In at least 200 words explain:

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  • The advantages of using e-learning
  • The disadvantages of using e-learning
  • If you would use an asynchronous or synchronous e-learning model
  • If other training modalities would be needed, such as face-to-face, mixed, or other


Payroll Processing

Pretend you are the V.P. of Human Resources. Your payroll manager wants to outsource day-to-day processing of pay checks to a third party to allocate more time to financial analysis. In at least 200 words, describe at least three factors you would use to justify a decision to outsource or not outsource payroll processing.

2 discussions

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