A case of MGT

This class is about ethics problems. The purpose of this course is to enable you to reason about the role of ethics in business administration. Specific course objectives include:

1. To develop an enhanced ability to recognize the social, ethical, political, environmental and technological dimensions of business activity.

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2. To be able to explain the impact of external environmental forces on business decision-making, and the impact of business on society.

3. To be able to develop a management perspective in order to formulate, analyze, and defend decisions in ethical terms.

4. To be able to apply several different frameworks for moral reasoning to complex business issues.

The case is about IKEA. After you reading the file, answer the questions. It’s a teamwork task. My part is the first and second questions. The whole case need to be 3 Pages. But my part just need 1 and a half pages.

These are what professor said:

Answers that reflect creative thinking beyond these issues will be rewarded. Papers should be printed, double-spaced, with normal margins. The name of the case should be on the first page of the text with your names, date, and course number. An executive summary is neither required nor expected.Papers should be concise and coherent. Exhibits should contain specific types of analyses(e.g., application of a framework, table of comparisons, cost analysis, and competitive features)and information (e.g., web page of firm) that supports and is relevant, but would be too detailed for the body of the paper.

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