A company uses the following criteria for calculate pay


A Company uses the following criteria for calculate pay.

a. First 40 hours at base pay
b. Hours between 40 and 50 are paid at time and half
c. Hours between 50 and 60 are paid at twice base rate

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Managers get paid 12.50 an hour
Full time employees get paid 7.50 an hour
Part time employees get paid 5.50 an hour

If I worked 55 hours first 40 at base, next 10 at 1.5 times base, and final 5 at twice base pay

A data file is online.

Using your previous examples and my Exam-2 freebie as the guidelines, write a program to do the following

a. Populate a series of arrays or an array of a data structure.

b. Use Redim Preserve

c. Sort data by alphabetical order and display all sorted data in a listbox

d. Display name, hours worked, pay rate, regular time pay, overtime pay and total gross pay

e. Report managers, FTE and PTE separately at a click of a radio button or with menus

f. Allow me to search for a person’s record and display his or her information in a separate label

g. Allow me to write back into a file using a save file dialog

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