African Women in Film

African Women in Film

watch the movie sisters of the screen and answer the four question. It’s in discussion so I will post the description here and I will attach the review of the movie. If you did’t find the movie online, try to read about it online but I would prefer to watch the movie in order to answer the questions. Please put the number of each questions and answer them. So question 1 and write the discussion, question 2 and write the discussion,…etc. Thanks,
We screened Beti Ellerson’s Sisters of the Screen (SOS) in class on Monday, June 20, 2016. This is a must see film for our class. Copies are available from the instructor for very short-term loans. Please check with the instructor. Also, please see a review of SOS on D2L under Course Content, week 2.
Among other things in week 4, we will discuss the film. Here are some questions to reflect on for that discussion. You are expected to discuss the film here, answering at leats two questions. To do so, answer any/all of the questions that follow. Be aware that others may respond to your comments, as you might, theirs. Up to 4 points are awarded for meaningful contributions. Each adequate answer is worth 1 point.
1)Is the film SOS a useful tool for understanding the challenges facing the African (woman) filmmaker? If so, how so? If not, why not?
2)At the start of SOS, filmmaker Gebre-Egziabher says that “African women filmmakers are warriors”. How does SOS illustrate this observation? Please explain with examples.
3)African women filmmakers and actresses explain in SOS why they make certain films or play certain character roles in film. Based on SOS, why do you think African women make films?
4)What did you like about SOS’s portrayal of African women? What did you not like about SOS’s portrayal of African women? Please explain each.

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