America Divided Research Paper

Topic: Is America Divided?

-Watch America Divided Season 1, Episode 1-

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-This episode discusses police misconduct and violence and community violence in Chicago, housing, poverty, and homelessness in New York City, and the water crisis in Flint.

-In your own words 2 pages double spaced, discuss whether America is a divided nation. Support your argument by watching America Divided, Season 1, Episode 1, as well as doing research on the topic. The paper should be 2 pages double spaced. Please list your sources (websites, books, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.) on a separate page. Make sure when using the exact words of someone else to use quotation marks. This is an opinion paper; your thoughts on the topic. Please do not plagiarize.

Also, please do not provide a summary of what happens during the episode. your opinion on the topic. I do not want a recap of the episode.

Sources-Provide your sources on a separate page

Website-provide web address

Book-Provide title and name of author

Newspaper and magazine article-provide title of article, name of newspaper/magazine, web address (if applicable)

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