Analysis of the gulf war

This final assignment has three objectives–to look at a historical case study, to examine Command and Control and planning in-depth, and to apply concepts brought out in class.


The final paper is a campaign analysis.  In 8-9 pages, using one of the historical examples in class, answer the following questions.

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a. What were the strategic aims and objectives of the campaign?


b. What was the desired endstate?


c. What were the military objectives derived from the strategic objectives?


d. What were the identified strategic centers of gravity?


e. What were the friendly centers of gravity?


f. What were the identified enemy decisive points?


g. What was the operational concept to attack the enemy’s decisive points? (i.e. direct vs. indirect)?


h. How was the campaign sequenced/phased? What were the conditions for transition to each phase?


i. Were there any branches or sequels required?


j. Did the campaign required synchronization of services/assets (i.e. air, land, sea, space, etc.)?


k. What were the major lines of operation?


l. Did the campaign require a shift in the weight of effort in the lines of operation from one phase to the other? If so, how?


m. Did the campaign achieve the objectives?


n. How well did the termination phase go?

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