Analyze Heritage Doll Company Case, business and finance assignment help

Please read case thoroughly and anser the question . Two deliverables are needed: a fact sheet (at least 4 pages long showing calculations, please see attached file for the specific questions to be answered) and a PowerPoint with 10 slides. The PowerPoint presentation should be at least 10 slides which provides analysis of the case and the team’s recommendation. The rubric is attached. Rubric for the factsheet is as follows:

Overview and Assumptions – 5 pts

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  • Understanding of capital budgeting techniques/computations – 10 pts
  • “What if” Analysis and impact on decision – 10 pts
  • Rationale and Recommendation including both tangible and intangible benefits – 10 pts
  • Selling points to capital budgeting committee – 10 pts
  • Format and Layout of Information – 5 pts
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