Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography. In the next week you will write and submit a research paper that addresses the following items:

  • how the role of human resource management is important to the establishment of strategy and structure in an organization;
  • how organizational, environmental, and individual challenges influence work-flow analysis;
  • how work-flow analysis supports strategy and organizational structure;
  • how motivation theories feed into a strong organizational workforce;
  • how job design and job analysis is important to organizational structure; and
  • how the relationship between a flexible workforce and the human resource information systems supports the strategy and organizational structure.

In preparation for this research paper you are to complete a literature search for articles you will use to support your research paper.

Locate two peer-reviewed journal articles from the ebsco Online Library, and submit a one-page annotated bibliography for the two resources that you found.

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Include an explanation of why the sources were selected and how they are of value to the topic. Use APA style for this assignment.

Annotated Bibliography

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