Answer those questions.

At least 2 full pages in each question. at least two references in each question.

Discussion Question One:

Discuss three important issues that can potentially affect a firm’s ability to successfully use international strategies.

Discussion Question Two: 

Exercise 2 (Airlines and Alliances) Page 284. Provide a response to questions 1, 2, 3, & 5

here is the link of the exercise:

if  you can’t open it, tell me asap.

Discussion Question 3 ( you have to see chp10 ppt)

Part 1. Define corporate governance and explain why it is used to monitor and control top-level managers’ decisions.  Describe how corporate governance fosters the making of ethical decisions by a firm’s top-level managers.

Part II. In your opinion, do you believe that large U.S. firms have been overgoverned by some corporate governance mechanisms and undergoverned by others; provide an example of each. 

here are some ppts, you should use the knowledge in the ppts to answer the questions.

Ch 8.pptx 

Ch 9.pptx 

Ch 10.pptx    

 you can open the link (under question 2) to get more information

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