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The format of the argument will be provided in chapter 3 and 4 as followingI would also encourage you to read our recommended text by Lewis Vaughn(Chapter 3 and 4) for additional tips and guidance on how to write well-argued philosophical essays.A good score in the short answer and essay implies excellent grasp of the fundamentals of reasoning and argumentation we have covered in this quarter, such as following Grice’s Conversational Rules, deep and close analysis of arguments, knowledge of inductive and deductive reasoning, avoiding fallacious reasoning,ability to define terms,and offering decisive refutation of opponent’s arguments.Essay:Select one of the following questions, answer it (4 points), and present what you take to be the strongest arguments in support of your answer (18points). Then state concisely what you take to be the weakest point of your argumentand state clearly how or why despite this weakness, your argument wouldbe the better one(18points). Be sure to define crucial terms (10points). [Total50 points].-Is abortion morally permissible under any circumstances?-Is evolution by natural selection a scientifically established fact?-Does God exist?(You may refer to chapter 21 for hints if you choose this question)(All of these questions will be presented in the test, you only chooseone).length :1.5page is fine

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