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Article Critique Assignment

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Article Critique Assignment
Due date Week 2
About the assignment 1. Write a critique of 3–6 pages.
2. Cover the issues described below.
3. The assignment counts for 100 points.

Using the Penn State Library resources, choose a research article related to the marketing of intangible services such as OD or management consulting.

Begin each critique with a complete bibliographic citation (using the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). For example:

Rothwell, W. J. (1981). Alternatives to organization development.
and Development Journal, 35, 119–124.

Using what you have learned in this lesson, write a strong and meaningful critique of the article that you chose.

Attach a copy of your article to the critique and post your critique in the Article Critique Forum before the end of this lesson. If you are able to post it earlier, please do, in order to engage in discussions with other students about your and their critiques.

Class participation grade: Read and participate in discussions with other students about your article critique as well as others that have been posted. The extent to which you provide constructive feedback to other students about their critique will impact your class participation grade.

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