Assignment 3: Engaging, Assessing, Intervening, Evaluating, and Terminating at the Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Levels

Students are to complete this assignment based on the movie: Losing Isaiah (1995). This assignment will focus on the components of the Helping Process, which covers Engagement through Termination.Watch Losing Isaiah (1995) and pay attention to detailsPaper· 7 pages (not including cover page and references)· Use headings· APA Format· This paper is supposed to be in the format as you (me) being the social worker and the character, Khailia Richards, being the client.Directions:1. Introduce the individual (Khaila Richards)2. Discuss each of the following practice areas as you experience using these techniques/skills at the micro-level.a. Exploring and Engaging- relationship building skills, interviewing skills, communication with empathy/authenticity, basic interviewing skills, clarifying roles and responsibilities. (Discuss engagement at the generalist level)b. Exploring, Assessing, and Planning- Develop goalsc. Exploring and understanding the situation and clients’ strengths, interpersonal and environmental factors, and any other important factors.d. Assessing and Intervening – Identify any theory and conceptual frameworks that are relevant to the case.e. Planning and implementing – Incorporating theories, contracting/treatment planning, connecting needs to resources, creating goals, and evaluating goals.f. Terminating-Resolution of problems, reviewing treatment goals and successes, securing additional resources.3. End by providing comments on what this process meant for your learning experience.4. Identify 8 community resources in Chicago that relate to the problem(s) in the case and submit them in writing.Links that could possibly help!

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