Assignment module 1–development of interpersonal skills

Write a paragraph or two using the guidelines below, after doing research on the types of interpersonal skills and their importance. Use the information you learned about yourself in the Emotional Intelligence Quiz and any information you garner from your research. (The information  for the Emotional Intelligence Quiz is located in MOD 1 and your research can include information from your book or online.)

You are in the process of preparing a resume.  Assume that you cannot include any past employment experience, training programs, degrees, awards or community service. The only data you can put on your resume are the interpersonal skills that you have developed.  What would they be?

Your resume should be no more than half a page and should be written in THIRD person (DO NOT USE the word “I”).  How would others describe your interpersonal skills?? Your submission may be in “resume” form, or it can simply be a couple of paragraphs describing these skills or areas of communication in which you hope to improve on over the course of this semester. Also include a list of sources using MLA format where you rely on the research you’ve done.  (If you don’t know what MLA format is then research it to find out.

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