Based on the movie “fences” and structural family therapy

For this dialogue, continue thinking about various aspects of theory, techniques, and intervention. reflect on how you might accommodate cultural considerations in your work as a Marriage, Couples, and Family Counselor.


In this module, focus on choosing and using interventions, techniques, tools, and strategies to promote growth and development in the entire family system. These techniques and interventions should be carefully chosen so that they align with the goals and objectives of the treatment plan, and so that they align theoretically with the counselor’s approach.

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By Day 3 of Week 6

Identify the “primary” issue with which the family in your case study/movie is challenged.

Describe in detail at least two techniques, tools, interventions, or strategies that you will use to promote change in the family system.

Name at least two additional challenges faced by the family in your case study.

List (do not describe or summarize) the techniques or strategies you will use to help the family in your case study/movie with these challenges.

Discuss cultural factors you need to consider in working with the family in your case study/movie.

Identify how you would adapt one of your techniques, tools, interventions, or strategies for telemental health counseling (i.e., counseling via video or phone), which became a necessity during the pandemic, even for counselors who were not interested in telemental health.

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