Benchmark Assignment: Sustainability Initiative, Part 5

Assignment ContentResource:Script and Storyboard templateDetermine who, inside and outside the organization, is essential in the success of your initiative.Identify partnerships that can be formed between organizations to foster collaboration or healthy competition.Strategize how to engage patients and their friends or family to participate in your initiative (directly or indirectly).Identify community leaders who can use power and influence to further the initiative on your behalf.Write a 90- to 175-word script for a 30- to 60-second online advertisement that promotes your sustainability initiative, advocates for sustainable health care practices, and invites the community to action.Include a storyboard that outlines the advertisement.Design four social media posts in the platform of your choosing that promotes your initiative and invite the community to get involved.Submit your assignment. For additional help, check out theULTRA: Access your assignmentspage.Copyright 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.Use this space to build your submission.You can add text, images, and files.Add Content

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