Biographical study – powerpoint on thomas | NTSB 515 | Liberty University


The Biographical Study is designed with two purposes in mind: as a research project for submission in this course, and as a presentation or series of presentations for personal use in a church-related setting. In support of the latter, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to be used in conjunction with your church presentation. The PowerPoint slides you create must serve as a teaching aid for a presentation and should illustrate the Biographical Study of your character. Your PowerPoint presentation should accurately reflect what you would share with your audience in your church presentation.

There is no set number of slides which your PowerPoint presentation must have. Your slides must contain text but does not have to contain graphics or pictures. Your PowerPoint presentation must contain the following elements:

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· A title slide identifying the title of your Biographical Study, your name, the course in which you are enrolled, the date of the presentation, and your instructor’s name;

· An overall introduction to the Biographical Study;

· At least 1 slide for each lesson or section of the study;

· An overall conclusion to the Biographical Study; and

· A Bibliography slide in which the sources used are identified.

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