Title: Bloom’s Taxonomy

Introduction: Bloom’s taxonomy provides an important framework for us to use to focus on Higher Order thinking. By providing a hierarchy of levels, this taxonomy can assist teachers in designing performance tasks, crafting questions for conferring with students, and providing feedback on student work.

The Assignment:

Explain how using Bloom’s Taxonomy can encourage a child’s creative thinking. How does this theory increase the cognitive thinking of young children?  The early childhood teacher must help students move up the ladder to higher level thought. Bloom’s taxonomy helps teachers plan activities that develop different ways of thinking and learning.

Grading Criteria:

First paragraph explaining what Bloom’s Taxonomy (5-7 sentences each) is – 20 points

Second paragraph explaining how Bloom’s increases creative thinking – 20 points

Fourth paragraph share what types of questions will you be asking your 3 and 4 year old students using the Bloom’s hierarchy – 25 points

Third paragraph will tell how you will use Bloom’s taxonomy in your classroom – 25 points

Spelling and Grammar – 10 points

Resources– Use your text and other outside sources to complete this assignment. Look at these websites for more information on the taxonomy:  and   Using Blooms Taxonomy Questioning to Extend Preschoolers’ Thinking Google Blooms taxonomy for children’s creativity also to see what other information you can find.

To Submit
Create the summary in Word and attach the file to assignment link in Blackboard by clicking on Browse my Computer and attach file. Emailed assignments are not accepted. This assignment is due by assigned date.

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