Business in the global environment.

Business in the global environment..

Follow assignment instructions below

You just stared a business

1. First, tell me what your new business is. Do you provide a service, or a product? Define this business you have spent so much time dreaming of starting.

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2. Next, develop a PEST Analysis using this template: PEST-analysis-template-doc.doc


3. Finally, describe how you are going to grow this business in the global environment.

Here are the requirements:

For Parts 1 and 3, develop a Word document and clearly label each section. Use APA formatting (no Abstract required). Focus on quality of writing and content, as opposed to length. For part 2, use the PEST Analysis Template. Your PEST analysis needs to be placed in an appendix section of this combined paper.Review and follow the grading rubricSubmit your completed assignment (1 paper with all 3 parts)

Business in the global environment.

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