BUSN 460 Regent Response to Marcus Nazar

The President of your company (whatever that is) gives you a special assignment. “Our board wants to open a business just like ours in a foreign country.” I know that you are taking an International Business course, so you are more knowledgeable than any of our executives about how to determine if this is a good idea.

The APA research-based paper should range in length from 1500-2000 words or 8-13 pages. I offer the option of submitting this an as an individual or as a partner or group project with up to four members. You must email the instructor the names of the members of your group and what elements of the requirement each person is responsible for by the end of Week 3. The project is due by the end of Week 5 (Sunday):

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  • Compare and contrast two (2) different countries suitable for expansion.
  • Organize your paper into the following sections using the section headings indicated below. You may divide the sections into subsections only if they are used appropriately and sparingly.

1) Introduction: In order to capture and keep the attention of your boss when you present this project briefly include the following in your opening section:

a) briefly describe your business, products / services and what your business requirements are,

b) your specific objectives for the expansion: product development, extend sales into new markets, etc.

c) immediately declare your recommendation for or against this venture, with justification to follow

d) give a brief description of the kind of analysis you completed

2) Discussion: For the main portion of your paper, use the data you gathered on the countries you selected and your industry as well as the text and class discussion to make your case. Included discussion on how that fits with each potential country partner based on your requirements. You would include as a minimum a cultural analysis based on particular framework as well as industry appropriate analysis of infrastructure and current capabilities. Remember to demonstrate application and analysis by integrating those course concepts with specific details and country and industry examples.

a) your analysis of the business circumstances in each of the two foreign countries you are comparing,

b) your analysis of the fit between the country of your choosing and the product/service you will be providing,

c) several sources of data comparing both opportunities

3) Conclusion: Conclude by offering data-driven recommendation; Make sure your suggestions are clearly based on information gathered from current research and industry/country data as well as relevant course concepts. Be sure that your recommendation is feasible at this point in time. Be certain to integrate concepts and theories from the course into your discussion and to support and illustrate your ideas and conclusions with specific details and examples.

a) support for your recommendation for or against this venture, supported by comparing and contrasting the two country alternatives

b) the most appropriate entry strategy – describe three (3) steps in your strategy in each of the two countries, such as in the text. Include the level of international business for your proposed idea. This is a judgment call for you. For example, it would be inactive if this was the first foreign site for your company to acquire. If you wanted to suggest partnering with another company in the other country, you may judge it as booming if it was a famous worldly restaurant.*

c) lay out recommendations for next steps.

Use APA style and formatting. The paper should include a minimum of 12 research articles and/or scholarly references. In addition to the scholarly references; the individual or partners will also need to reference specific country websites in order to obtain the required material for analysis and evaluation.

Note: This assignment mentions “Levels of International Business Activity” in 3.b. This may be new to you. Any business has this, whether it is inactivity, low, or even booming. However, international activity is a measure of how much activity is global, if any. It may be high, zero, or anywhere in-between. Whether a company is Domestic, an International Business,a Multinational Business or a Global Business; some level of global participation is present at the time. For example, a Domestic Business may have zero international business but could be preparing for “Going Global”. Your research in this assignment will show you more about this topic.

Global Business, 4thEdition (Cengage Learning US, 2017). Mike Peng. ISBN: 9781305500891.

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