Canada Labor Market Outcomes, economics homework help

1) Find Data on the Labor Market Outcomes for Canada. Go back as far as the data provided up to the precent. Create graphs of each of the following.

Labor Force Participation Rate (Men, Women)

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Typs of jobs (occupational structure over time) a. Agricultural. b. Services. c. Manufacturing. d. Mining and construction.

Real wages private sector

Income inequality

2) Do some research and find out what explains trends in labor market outcomes over time. Write couple sentences under each graph to explain the trend on the graphs.

3) Immigration is a large source of labor in the United States and a growing globate change. Do some research and find out how many migrants are in the country (Canada) (Noncitizen workers), where they come from and the countries policy towards immigrant labor. How much does Canada rely on immigrant labor? Get some graphs together.

Please follow instructions to provide a perfect paper. Use the following websites to access data. Add a reference page to cite all the website you are using. Provide me with the paper + the Excel sheet work.

1. International Labor Organization (

2. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

3. World Bank

4. Canada Government Labor Office website.

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