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Chapter 2 brings up issues of diversity and describes the contributions of Mary Richmond. Research a program in your town or city (Atlanta, ga) and identify the population it serves. Imagine implementing this program in another area with a different population (for example, make a program that services inner-city youth work for rural youth or vice versa). Identify changes you would need to make in order to adequately serve the new population. 

PPT attached. 

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classmate example post: I currently live in Atlanta, and I have lived here my entire life. Therefore, I decided to choose a case management program called Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). SSVF provides homeless and near-homeless veterans and their families an opportunity to find stable housing. According to the website SSVY work together with Veteran families to address personal needs and goals. By empowering Veteran families, the SSVF Program is committed to serving those who served us and advancing housing permanency within the Veteran community. The cost of this program is free. In addition, the SSVF program offers services that include – case management, coordination, and linkage to VA and mainstream benefits (medical, mental health, substance abuse, housing, etc.) financial assistance for initial move-in costs as eligible, and advocacy. 
If I could make any changes to this program, I would change the population served. I would use this program to serve a younger population who may be struggling with serve mental illness in rural areas. I feel a program such as this one helps with finding housing in inner cities but neglects more rural areas. I also believe that this program can be of service to those who may not know anything outside of their hometown. I would still offer the same services because I do believe they are vital. Overall, I feel this is a fantastic program. I am interested in learning more about it. I am interested to learn what my classmates feel about the changes I decided to make to this program.  

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