Clinical Research Associate and Coordinator

A Clinical Research Associates (CRA) or Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) is a person responsible for conducting clinical trials using good clinical practice under the auspices of a Principal Investigator (PI). They organize and administer clinical trials of new or current drugs in order to assess the benefits and risks of using them. Typical employers of clinical research associates include pharmaceutical companies and clinical contract agencies.

With this information, please answer the following questions in 5-6 pages:

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1. What skills or abilities would make you successful as a Clinical Research Associate or Coordinator?

2. Who are you? What makes you unique?

3. Why are you wanting to work in the clinical research field?

4. What are your goals?

5. What do you want to achieve as CRC?

6. Why is this career important to you?

7. What skills will you bring to this field to improve where you work?

8. Discuss a challenge you have experienced and why it made you a better person?

9. Finally, please write a short description of your financial situation as if you are applying for a need-based scholarship.

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