Communication Change Challenge

Communication Change Challenge.

Introduction: Communication Change Challenge (CCC) Part 7
No part of the Course Project is due this week
; however, Part 7 is a 2-week journal assignment in which you will start implementing both your planned and unplanned conversation and keep a detailed dated journal log. You will complete and submit your dated journal summary in Week 7.

Without actually implementing your new skill in real-life situations, this entire project is nothing more than a theoretical exercise. You should be satisfied with nothing less than real change in real situations, which means that you will need to choose and plan specific situations in which you will use your new skill.

For Part 7 of the project, you will do the following:

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  • Plan a minimum of 3 situations in which you will implement your new communication behavior over a time span of 2 weeks (during Weeks 6 and 7).
  • Maintain a dated journal narrative to describe what happened in both planned and unplanned circumstances, including your thoughts on how well you performed the behavior.

Plan particular times, places, and people with whom to try your new behavior. Of course, when an unplanned opportunity arises, you obviously should use it as well. The important thing is for you to get into the pattern of planning your communication behavior.

Almost any behavior can be planned: compliments, questions, agreement statements, or requests. The more frequently you plan communication behavior, the more skilled you will become at managing what you do and at having an impact on the interpersonal communication situations in which you participate.

Review the full instruction for Part 7 (located in Week 7 CCC Project instructions) and begin working on it this week.

Communication Change Challenge

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