Criminal Justice 3-8-17

1. Thomas has barricaded himself inside his house and seems determined to make the police kill him in a classic “suicide by cop.” You discover that he recently lost his job and has flunked out of college. He has a history of conflicts with authorities. Part of the reason he flunked out of college was that he could not comply with the requirements of his professors. In high school, he had frequent disciplinary problems, usually involving fights with other students. What could you say to Thomas to prevent his impending death? What tactical issues do you need to consider? Why?

2. You are the field commander at a situation where a person has barricaded himself inside his residence. This person has occasionally fired shots at the police. The tactical and negotiation supervisors come to you, each wanting their team to resolve the situation. What would you ask each before making a decision of whether to continue negotiating or going tactical? What If you decide to go tactical in this question? How can you use your negotiation team to support the tactical team? If you decide to continue negotiating, how can you use your tactical team to support the negotiations?

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Now this last question is based on suicide by cop (happens more than some might think), and with that pls watch the below video (you will need to copy and paste the below URL in your browser and it will bring you to the video). May seem like a staged incident, but pls know it is the real thing.

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