Customer Intimacy & Company Innovations IT Policy Discussion Responses

I’ve provided 2 discussions below that need to be responded separately.

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1-)The assigned article relates customer intimacy as a value discipline and highlights the successful business strategy of building relationships with consumers which enables businesses to both define and deliver the perceived value (Treacy & Wiersema, 1993). My company of choice is Universal Studios. Universal Studios has a loyal and dedicated consumer base which sometimes crosses the line of obsession. Its theme parks, resorts, and attractions charm people from around the world at every age. Universal Studios offers a groundbreaking experience that consumers must see, feel, or hear to believe; visitors can stand at the entrance to Jurassic Park while seeing Hogwarts Castle off to their right. Consumers can visit their favorite Marvel characters, take photos with live Transformers, trek on a jungle excursion to meet King Kong, or be chased by ancient mummies. Additionally, Universal Studios has transformed its brand by offering high-quality, easily identifiable merchandise in its parks and online. The last time that I visited Universal Studios in early 2018, I remember the cell phone application was surprisingly horrendous. I wonder if an improved application could double as a better consumer experience opportunity by unlocking secret functionality throughout the theme park while also tracking consumer movements, purchases, and other quantifiable information for data analysis and other marketing opportunities.

2-)T-Mobile USA, Inc. is a business that focus on the most innovative products. I pick this particular company because as a valued T-Mobile customer since 2009, I have been satisfied with the new innovation products and features that came with the mobile company. As coming across an article on T-Mobile newsroom, there are lists of updates and innovations created since 2005. A list of them are: In 2005 T-Mobile introduced the First Personal Coverage Check, which provided consumers with transparent view of network coverage where they live and work. In 2007, T-Mobile introduced the First Wi-Fi Calling Service in U.S., which allowed voice calling over Wi-Fi. In 2009 T-Mobile introduced the First U.S. carrier to launch an HSPA+network, which is T-Mobile’s fast and dependable nationwide 4G network available in 229 markets, reaching well over 220 million people. In 2012 T-Mobile became the only carrier with a nationwide 4G network to offer unlimited nationwide 4G data.

IT could be used by the company to support its strategic focus by having the vision to major uniqueness and skills. Companies should have objectives for their businesses such as customer objectives, financial objectives, internal objectives and operational excellence. And also by continuing to have organization structure and priorities.

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