Cybelaws. Write a 4000 research paper on Cybelaws covering following subtopics:

1. briefly about different types of laws (Constitutional, Statutory, Ordinances, Regulations, Treaties & Case laws) & in detailed about Cyberlaw

2. who owns the internet

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3.  Access to the Court system through the internet: citing the law and establishing jurisdiction.

4.  Contracts, commerce, and taxation on the internet

5.  Cybercrimes

6.  Tort Law in Cyberspace

7.  Trademarks, patents, and trade secrets in internet transactions

8.  Online Speech Regulation

9.  Privacy on the very public Internet

10.  The Internet, the Deepnet, and the Darknet


1. All of the above 10 sub-topics needs to be covered in the research paper.

2.  Utilize the APA Publication Manual, Sixth Edition for explicit guidance and direction for citation.

3. Include a Title page, Contents table, Introduction, Body, Summary/Conclusion & References in the end.


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