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Week 7 Assignment: Build a substance-based PowerPoint presentation (with audio support using Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software), of at least 15 slides with an introduction, body and summary slides on a the concepts listed below from Week 7 Readings.

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Section 8.1 – Managing Files: Basic Concepts
Section 8.2 – Database Management Systems
Section 8.3 – Database Models

Section 8.4 – Data Mining
Section 8.5 – Databases & the Digital Economy: E-Business & E-Commerce
Section 8.6 – Information Systems in Organizations: Using Databases to Help Make Decisions

Section 8.7 – Artificial Intelligence
Section 8.8 – The Ethics of Using Databases: Concerns about Privacy & Identity Theft

Section 9.1 – Truth Issues: Manipulating Digital Data
Section 9.2 – Security Issues: Threats to Computers & Communications Systems

Section 9.3 – Security: Protecting Computers & Communications
Section 9.4 – Quality-of-Life Issues: The Environment, Mental Health, Child Protection, & the Workplace

Section 9.5 – Economic & Political Issues: Employment & the Haves/Have-Nots


Overall Quality of Presentation with audio support using, Audacity, Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software (included images, audio, video and content hyperlinks where needed to extend presentation)

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