Define a Genogram and Provide a Narrative of Your Interpreation

Define a Genogram and Provide a Narrative of Your Interpreation.

2 pages in APA FORMAT

Type a brief 1 – 2-page explanation of the genogram. Provide a narrative of your interpretation of the family history to include the following:

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    1. Patterns of disease.
    2. Opportunities for patient education.
    3. Factors complicating your interpretation.
    4. Risk Classification.
    5. Identify where more information is needed.
    6. This is to be written according to the APA guidelines using 3 peer-reviews scholarly journals. Use a title page. Attach the grading criteria to the back of your paper.

    -All topics/criteria addressed, and all questions fully answered.

    -Information clearly relates to the main topic/criteria. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.

    -Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and levels of heading.

    -All references are from a relevant professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal, within a 5-year timeframe, or a classic/ historical source.

Define a Genogram and Provide a Narrative of Your Interpreation

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