Define what philosophy (in general) means to you

Define what philosophy (in general) means to you. This scholarly paper is to be written in APA 7th Edition format with strict adherence to the Grading Rubric, The body of the paper should be no more than 4 pages in length, plus a title page and a reference page (5 references).

The references within 5 years


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Points Possible

Your Points



Introduction—Define what philosophy (in general) means to you. 

One example, “Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.”   (1-2 citations needed)



Detail your personal philosophy for the nursing profession. (include   2 citations)



Narrate your personal experiences which influenced   and impacted your decision to pursue nursing as a profession.



Identify your 3 top professional goals and   how you hope to attain them (1-2 citations needed)



Define what health, wellness, and holistic   care mean to you. (1-2 citations: for example Healthy People 2030; The   Journal of Holistic Nursing)




(1 paragraph)



Must be proofread by proofreader of your   choice. (include verification)



Grammar, sentence formation, paragraph   formation, free of spelling errors. The   strict application of the correct APA 7th Edition format must be   applied:  Title page, Headings, In-text   citations,  Reference page using   minimally 5 current references (no more than 5 years old ). Adherence to Grading Rubric   Guidelines




100 Points

Define what philosophy (in general) means to you

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