Describe a special place assignment

The goal of this assignment is to describe a special place that very much includes you.The place that you are going to describe is somewhere that is important to you personally, that you think of fondly, that when it comes to mind you feel joyful and engaged. This can be somewhere that you remember having experienced as a young child, alone, with family or with friends. It may be a place that is important to you today, where you can settle, be focused, let go of the world, sit and watch the world. It may be a special place you go to meet someone you care about.

There are two requirements:

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A single graphic that scan be a sketch, a diagram, a map, a collage or even a photo. (If a photo, choose this carefully/thoughtfully or even annotate it if this will help to explain your intention.)

A short text, no longer than a page, that conveys to your reader the qualities of the setting that make it the special place you are describing.

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