Developing Disaster Recovery Backup Procedures and Recovery Instructions

Attached is a PDF copy of the what is required to be done with grading rubric. Will provide you with additional material once the assignment is allocated to a tutor. Question 3 steps have been done by me and the same needs to be understood and written. You will need access to the book apart from the material i provide you to answer this assignement.

  1. Explain how to lower RTO with properly documented backup and recovery steps. – [20%]
  2. Define a process for IT system and application recovery procedures. – [20%]
  3. Identify a backup solution for saving all of your Lab Assessment Worksheets on a system other than your Student VM workstation and hard drive. – [20%]
  4. Test and validate your basic backup and recovery procedures for saving your Lab Assessment Worksheets on an alternate system or solution other than your existing hard drive. – [20%]
  5. Test the backup and recovery procedures for RTO compliance. – [20%]
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