DeVry University Social Activism Hashtags

Over the past decade, people have started integrating digital technology into social activism. The

Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and organizations such as

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and the Tea Party have enjoyed great success by incorporating digital technologies into their

operations. Information communication technology—messages, photos, and videos that can

reach massive audiences through social media networks—can be used to distribute messages,

conduct operations, communicate within the organization, and achieve goals.

Hashtag Campaign Examples

View the list of example hashtag campaigns. This list is not exhaustive—there are a lot of

powerful hashtag campaigns out there!






Hashtag Campaign Analysis

Complete the chart as you explore different social media hashtag campaigns.



and Year

Created (if


Related to

Identity (I),

Diversity (D),

Justice (J), or

Action (A)


(There can

be more than







Questions? (Share

at least two

thoughts for each





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