Discussion 2 march 2022 | Accounting homework help

Landmark Article Research:

Here are some topics and (authors) that you can use as you begin to research your seminal work.  Please keep in mind that a seminal work is one that is considered to have begun a stream of research, so try to locate the oldest one on the topic that you can.  You might consider:

  • Management pioneers in the early factory
  • Industrial Revolution in Great Britain (Guttenberg Press)
  • The Steam Engine
  • Management as the fourth factor of production (Say)
  • Management problems in early factories – Labor (Pollard, Guest, Hartwell, Chapman)
  • Early Industrial Growth (Tucker, Claude)
  • Early Management Talent (Pollard, Montgomery)
  • Early Management Functions (Roll, Pollard, Chapman)
  • Working Conditions in the industrial revolution (Taylor)
  • Child and women labor
  • Management in the early US colonies (Smith)
  • US Industrial Revolution (Deane, Toynbee)
  • Industrial Growth and Systematic Management
  • Railroads (McCallum, Poor)
  • Systematic Management
  • Robber barons (Josephson)
  • Working conditions
  • Some other early authors: Robert Owen, Charles Babbage, Andrew Ure, Charles Dupin, Carnegie, Fayol, Ely, Schloss)

Prepare a one page summary of the article you found and post it to the discussion forum.  APA 7TH edition and must provide turnitin report

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