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Coronavirus Information Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/29/health/coronavirus-flu.html?action=click&module=RelatedLinks&pgtype=Article

The CEO of your company (with operations throughout the U.S.) has sent a request for your guidance noting that employees (particularly those located in the Northwest) are calling asking for the company’s plan for addressing Coronavirus concerns.
As a Human Resource Specialist, provide three critical pieces of information to the CEO addressing the following issues related to the Coronavirus:

1. What is your recommendation for the primary overall approach the company should take (i.e. attempt to provide calm or focus on preparedness or defer to CDC and government agencies……)

2. Provide at least five (5) concrete actions you want the CEO to recommend to employees.  (You can’t use this one but as an example: Stay home if you are sick.  We are in the midst of the flu season.  The Coronavirus and other flu strains have similar symptoms.  In any case, please do not come to work if you have any symptoms.)

3. Provide at least three (3) concrete actions the company should take to protect employees.  (You can’t use this one but as an example: As a preventative measure, facilities housekeeping in all locations will move to additional daily cleaning and disinfection steps outside of the regular cleaning schedule.)


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