Diversity in healthcare practice

Diversity in healthcare practice
APA 6th referencing style
• Choose a health organisation and identify a policy related to CALD individuals. These policies can be found on the organisation’s website and in policy documents.
• Critically analyse the policy you have chosen in relation to the literature on cultural responsiveness with particular reference to the:
o Victorian DoH, Cultural Responsiveness Framework (2009)
o Model for increasing cultural competence in NHMRC (2006) Cultural competency in health: A guide for policy, partnerships and participation document, and
o Recent peer reviewed scholarly literature.
o Evaluate how well the organisational policy you have chosen meets best health care practice, or how the policy could be improved. Support your academic work with the above framework, model and scholarly literature you have selected.
o Discuss how registered nurses can incorporate culturally responsive health care into professional practice that ensures best practice for CALD individuals and communities for the organisational policy you have selected.
Structure of your assignment
Introduction (250 words)
Your introduction should identify the organisational policy chosen and give a brief outline of the reasons for your choice. This is your chance to grab the readers’ attention.
Body (2500 words)
This section may contain sub-headings. Each heading should be linked to the key points to be covered in the assignment.
Conclusion (250 words)
This is a summary of key points discussed in the body of the assignment and in your own words (no references required).
The following Learning Outcomes are assessed in this assessment:
• Critically evaluate the dominant values and beliefs that shape the organisation of health care in Australia.
• Discuss historical and contemporary influences on the health outcomes for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse peoples in Australia.
• Apply the principles of cultural safety to nursing care.
Australia’s multicultural policy allows those who call Australia home the right to practice and share in their cultural traditions and languages within the law and free from discrimination (Australia Government, 2011, p. 5). Yet, research highlights disparities in the provision of health care to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) groups and health services are not always able to ensure the delivery of culturally safe practice within their organisations (Johnstone & Kanitsaki, 2008).
Registered nurses (RNs) have a responsibility to provide culturally responsive health care that is high quality, safe, equitable and meets the standards expected of the profession such as taking on a leadership role, being advocates and engaging in lifelong learning. RNs who practice with cultural responsiveness are able to ‘respond to the healthcare issues of diverse communities’ (Victorian Department of Health [DoH], 2009, p. 4), and are respectful of the health beliefs and practices, values, culture and linguistic needs of the individual, populations and communities (DoH, 2009, p. 12).
You need to critique the policy/guideline and discuss this relation to the Dept of Health and NHMRC documents and literature? consider the broader view, so not only how this affects you as the individual, but also consider the profession of nursing, the organisation and the system (as per the NHMRC model), take a holistic view and consider cultural competency/responsiveness not just from an individual level but how all levels interrelate. How has the work of the organisation been measured, is it relevant and is the policy current. These are some of the areas you need to consider when critiquing. Do you have any recommendations about this policy?
As health professionals you will be expected to have input into the broader system, not just your own individual practice, therefore reviewing policies/guidelines is a part of what you will be expected to do once a registered nurse.
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