Do blogs and social media influence traditional, mainstream news media?, homework help

Read the attached article and discuss what you learned. the questions in your paper. The paper should be a minimum of 1,200 words and formatted to standard; Times New Roman, double spaced, font 12. Be sure to put your name, date, and the assignment name. Pages should also be numbered. This assignment should be a word attachment.

  • What did you learn from the article. Be specific and elaborate.
  • Have blogs and social media enhanced the practice of public relations?
  • Do blogs and social media influence traditional, mainstream news media? Is the reverse true?
  • Since social media (including blogs) have made communications more instantaneous have they forced organizations to respond more quickly to criticism?
  • Has the emergence of social media (including blogs) changed how organizations communicate?
  • Do blogs and social media compliment or conflict with mainstream traditional news media?
  • Is it ethical for employees to write and post on a web blog negative statements about the organizations they work for?
  • Is it ethical for representatives of organizations to monitor information their employees have written on weblogs?
  • Is it ethical for an organization to conduct research or measurement studies that focus on information their employees are writing on weblogs?
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