Do No Harm: My Personal Nursing Philosophy

Do No Harm: My Personal Nursing Philosophy.



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Do No Harm: My Personal Nursing Philosophy

Amanda Barnett-McLean

Carson Newman University




Author Note

This paper is being submitted on May 31, 2020, for Candice Short’s NURS-513-COL: Theories of Nursing course.


Title of Paper

A basic paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph presents the topic of the paper and typically summarizes the main points and ends with a thesis. The body of the paper covers the main points and normally includes citations to sources that support the author’s claims and information. Papers should end with a conclusion. Conclusions normally summarize the main points that were addressed, without introducing new content.

The final portion of the paper is the references section. The references section gives complete information about all of the sources that are cited in the paper. For Rasmussen papers, the reference section follows APA formatting rules. For more information on how to write a paper and use proper APA citation and formatting, please see and For information on references in APA style, see

Remember to change this template so its information applies to you and to your classes. Keep the paragraphs indented and double spaced; do not switch to block paragraphing. Finally, please see the LLC video on how to adjust this template at (click on the APA formatting tab and then look for the APA Template box) because it identifies necessary changes that must be made. It also explains how this document can be saved as a Word template so that it may be used over and over again.



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Do No Harm: My Personal Nursing Philosophy

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