ECE30456 Illinois Advocacy Plan For Early Childhood Education


  • Develop collective advocacy processes in early childhood.
  • Examine community of practice involvement to support personal growth within the field of early childhood education.
  • Formulate relationship-based strategies for coaching and mentoring.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through daily actions and interactions.
  • Validate family and community as partners in early childhood education.
  • Illustrate reflective practices in daily actions.


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As the director of ABC Academy and Care, you are dedicated to the children and families whom you serve. Â Recently, through reflective practice, you discover that your passion for children and families extends beyond your program. You decide to become an advocate for all young children and their families. Complete the following steps to join or create an advocacy effort.

  1. Identify the cause for which you are passionate. The cause can be anything related to early childhood education, children’s health, or family support.
  1. Identify a local or national community of practice that will be used to help facilitate the advocacy effort.
  1. Create an advocacy project plan. The plan will include why advocacy in this area is neeed, how it will be completed, how it will support children and families, and what your role is in supporting the effort.
    1. Create a marketing piece to promote the cause and encourage others to join. (Examples of marketing pieces can include but are not limited to a flier, a video promoting the cause, or an editorial in the local newspaper.)

      The advocacy effort can be completed in the manner of your choosing (example: Word document, PowerPoint, blog, video, etc.), but all components must be compiled and submitted as one project.

    1. Reflect on the anticipated success of the program by summarizing projected successes and challenges as well as modifications to personal strategies used.
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