Economics and government

Economics and government
Instructions for assessment
The assessment for this module relates to a single coursework submission essentially in essay format (in a maximum of 3000 words), requiring you to provide suitable answers to questions from the two parts of the module. You should answer one question from the two asked in Part A and one question from the two asked in Part B.
Your answers to the questions that you have selected from Parts A and B are equally weighted, so this should be reflected in the balance of the answers that you submit.
Part A (Please answer one of the following questions):
(i) Examine the implications that the different explanations for the higher productivity of graduates have for government policy towards the funding of higher education in the UK.
(ii) Describe the main types of market failure that are likely to prevent the housing market from operating efficiently.
Part B (Please answer one of the following questions):
(i) Examine the tools that are available to governments to manage the economy.
(ii) Discuss how the regulation of financial markets and the banking sector in the UK has changed following the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/8.
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