Educational research Discussion Questions

Below are 5 discussion questions. Each question response needs to be at least 400-600 words. Citing and references need to be in APA format.

My very own dissertation will be centered around minorities specifically African American being an influence to minority students at a predominantly white institution.

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1.At this point you should be narrowing in on potential topics for your dissertation. The specifics may not be targeted but you should know the general area you wish to research. Using the topic area you are considering, explain how the measurement concepts discussed in the text and readings could be used in your research. Why is it important to know the variables within your research study? What type of measurement instrument might you use for your study? Explain the benefits and possible drawbacks.

2.In “The Practice of Social Research,” Babbie (2013) suggest the following research question as a simple example: Are social sciences teachers, natural sciences teachers, or arts teachers more beloved among students on a college campus?

To answer the research question, you might observe throughout a semester the attendance rates for a key course in each of the groups; review end of course surveys and compare average instructor ratings among the groups; or compare the number of cards, letters, and gifts received by faculty members in each group at the end of a semester.

Use Google or a search engine of your choice to conduct an internet search using the search question “What is alignment in research?” Select several sources from the search results list and read about alignment. Given the information in your reading, which of the methods suggested above may be good choices (align well with) and which may not bring about the desired results for the study Babbie suggested? Why? What does your consideration of these options tell you about operationalization and alignment? Why is that significant?

3.Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research methodology for your dissertation topic or topic area. (Research is not required to support your conclusions.)

4.The reading, “Workplace learning strategies, barriers, facilitators and outcomes: a qualitative study among human resource management practitioners” presents an application of qualitative research methodology. Discuss whether or not qualitative research methodology is appropriate to this study. Discuss other types of methodologies that may have been appropriate for this investigation.

5.Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of quantitative research methodology for your dissertation topic or topic area. (Research is not required to support your conclusions.)

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