5,000 words minimum, double-spaced, APA style, 10 references minimum

In order to increase intercultural knowledge, students are to work in groups of three or four to develop an original marketing plan for coffee or tea  to be marketed in the BRICS environment. You need to compare and contrast the 4P’s strategy of a product or brand (of your choice) to be marketed in three BRICS countries of your choice.

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Table of Contents: Main topics and corresponding page numbers.

Introduction: Give an overview of the product and the foreign countries and reasons for choosing them based on marketing research.

Consumer Analysis: Nature of the consumers and needs that exist, characteristics of the target market, segmentation and positioning that may be desired based on particular dimensions.

Environmental Analysis: Analysis of the Economic, Technical, Infra-structural, Political and Legal, Natural, Cultural and Social Environments in the foreign country. Show how these factors in the foreign country will influence your product and mode of entry choices.

Competitive Analysis: Description of existing and potential competitors, techniques for coping with competitors (strategies and barriers), and strategies utilized to gain competitive advantage and achieve success in the market.

Marketing Strategy: Utilization of Standardization versus Adaptation in implementation of the marketing mix (the four Ps).

  • Product – Specifications, types, customer service, packaging, branding.
  • Place – Distribution methods, channel structure.
  • Promotion – Promotion blend to meet desired objectives: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and other methods to be utilized.
  • Price – Suggested prices, pricing flexibility depending on the characteristics of the environment and competition, price escalation issues.

Implementation: Provide a detailed description of how the strategy will be executed over time.

Controls:  Discuss techniques that will be used to ensure that the strategy implementation is done according to the stated plan.


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