EMR dashboard designs.

1. Each student will propose EMR dashboard designs related to the analysis and presentation of patient encounter data.

Each student will create detailed strategies for maximizing the impact of data from both EMR and other available hospital electronic systems on clinical and business outcomes in healthcare settings.

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Each student will design two dashboards: 

  1. One dashboard presents information to the clinic manager for running the clinic (operational)
  2. The second dashboard presents information to clinicians for improving patient care outcomes (strategic – hitting KPIs)

Each student will investigate how the IT, HIT, medical provider, and management communities currently approach healthcare system dashboards and hypothesize why their student’s solutions have not been implemented in the real world.

For this project, material from periodicals and other media from government and/or professional organizations must be accessed and used. Students will do research and investigation to complete this project as a student.

The student will put their findings on PowerPoint slides and present them during a class session. Charts and pictures can be used, but animation should be minimal.

The presentation should take about 20 minutes

EMR dashboard designs

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