Energy Assignment

Energy Assignment.

Energy Assignment

assignment: energy

1.  If you were interested in investing a large sum of money in renewable energy, which type (choose only one) would you invest in, and why?

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2.  Consider the following light bulbs, each of which would be used on average 2000 hours a year.  Explain how they would compare with each other economically over a period of 10 years (some will have to be replaced in that time frame).  Other than economics, are there any other factors that might have to be considered?  Some of the data here is fsrom the Lowe’s 2013 website,

incandescent bulb:  $0.35 each, 60 W, $8/year electric cost, 1000 hour lifetime, 855 lumens

Compact fluorescent light bulb:  $7.23 each, 13 W, $1.73/year electric cost, 10,000 hour lifetime, 900 lumens

LED bulb:  $40.15 each, 12 W, $1.60/year electric cost, 25,000 hour lifetime, 810 lumens

I need this in 12 hours 2 full pages around 750 words

Energy Assignment

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