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Police have several ways in which they use authority, power, persuasion, and force. All of those rights are reflected in the need for police to act in their capacity of law enforcement officers to fight crime. Those rights are acknowledged to be appropriate when needed to take a suspect of a crime into custody. Lately, however, the headlines have been full of situations in which police are being viewed as having exceeded their rights. Police forces, local governments, and even society as a whole are now faced with deciding when force is excessive and whether certain actions are unethical, racist, and even illegal.

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Additional Instructions:

For this assignment, review the Ethical Reactions in the Law Enforcement Transcript. Explain what you would do as a criminal justice professional in that particular situation.

  • Explore the ethical issues associated with shooting at the driver.
  • Analyze the ethical ramifications of shooting at the driver’s tires.
  • Evaluate the ethical impact of waiting to see what happens and dealing with the aftermath.

Special Instructions:

Create a 3 page essay in which APA format is used in accordance with the information above. Use 3 sources for references in which one will be provided for you. Be sure to use in-text citations. Remember to refer to the Ethical Reactions in the Law Enforcement Transcript, located in the drop file box below.

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