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This course should give you an idea of the necessity for a Professional Code of Ethics, the moral values by which you determine your actions in the workplace. This assignment is a concrete representation of those beliefs and is meant to be valuable to you in both your personal and professional future. Keep in mind this assignment must be given sufficient thought, time, and effort.


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Research an existing code of ethics in your profession, or a related profession. For example, you can look up the AMA Code of Ethics, the BBB Code of Ethics, Social Workers Code of Ethics, etc. You are required to provide a link to the code of ethics in the drop box. In your paper include the following with suggested lengths per part of the paper:

  • Summarize/Analyze your researched code of ethics [1 paragraph]
  • Demonstrate how this code conforms to the ethical theories you have studied in this class and how you identify with the theory and professional ethical principles. [1-2 paragraphs]
  • Provide specific examples from your life that demonstrate how the theories apply. [1 paragraph]
  • Explain how ethical codes positively impact your company, your job, or even society as a whole. 1-2 paragraphs]
  • Select three parts of your Code of Ethics and discuss how those ethical principles link to your own Ethical Values. Why is this important in your field? [1-2 paragraphs]
  • Conclusion / summary to the paper [1 paragraph]

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