Feud Personality Development Theory Paper

APA Format

6-7 Page paper that focus on one theory/concept of personality of either Freud or Karen Horney.

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Must use 5 scholarly sources

i. Overview of Theory

1. Introduce the basic tenets of the theory.

2. Discuss the theory’s view of healthy personality development

3. Discuss the theory’s view of psychopathology

4. Discuss the theory’s view of the change process

ii. Application of this theory to your own personality development

1. How does this theory explain your own struggles and emotional stresses?

2. How could this theory help you? What techniques/insights does it offer?

iii. Critique of Theory

1. Based on your personal analysis, what areas does this theory seem to miss or incorrectly explain?

2. How have other authors critiqued this theory? Use articles/books as sources.

3. Specifically research how this theory has been applied cross-culturally. How well does this theory fit for people of different ethnic/racial backgrounds? Explain.

iv. And also include

1. APA compliant title page, in-text references, reference page (no abstract needed)

2. A copy of each of your 5 scholarly sources, not including your textbook (i.e. copies of scholarly articles, copy of select pages from original source)

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