Functional Behavior Assessments In Education

Please answer the following questions:

1. How can functional behavior assessments (FBA) guide the development of a behavior support plan?

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2. Should an FBA and behavior support plan be implemented for every student with ASD? Why or why not?

Please respond to the students disscussion board:

(KAR): Before a behavior support plan can be developed the IEP team will conduct a functional behavior assessment. The functional behavior assessment is a process for gathering the information needed to maximize the effectiveness of the individualized support by defining the problem, identifying the conditions in which the behavior is most or least likely to occur, and identify the consequences that will likely maintain the problem behavior. The rationale being that once the relevant environmental conditions and the function of the behavior are identified, then the support team will have the necessary information to develop an individualized behavior support plan (Barton & Harn, 2012).

(LAUR): Functional behavior assessments guide the development of behavior support plans. A functional behavior assessment is a tool used by child’s behavior support team that collects data regarding a child’s behavior in order to identify the problem behavior and develop a plan to correct the behavior (Barton & Harn, 2012). It guides the development of a behavior support plan because it helps the team identify the problem behavior, When/where/how it occurs, and why it is occurring. In addition, a functional behavior assessment identifies how the behavior will be addressed and changed. The purpose of this assessment is to collect all available information/data regarding the behaviors a child is exhibiting in order to create a behavior support plan to address correcting the behavior (Barton & Harn, 2012). The information gathered during the functional behavior assessment is the data that drives the behavior support plan. At my school, our counselor is the person in charge of all functional behavior assessments and behavior support plans. I have participated in many meetings where we complete this paperwork. The functional behavior assessment is a key part in developing a support plan that ultimately corrects the behavior(s) that are occurring.

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