This week, you have learned how new technologies can be used to induce changes at the genetic level. In the last “Get to Know a Scientist” assignment, you will learn about the work of Collen Masimirembwa. Dr. Masimirembwa’s research involves understanding how common HIV drugs are metabolized by patients in sub-Saharan African populations based on their genetics. 

Collen Masimirembwa earned doctorates in biochemistry and medical biochemistry and biophysics and has made a career of understanding how genetic variants affect medical treatments. Dr. Collen Masimirembwa is a strong advocate for precision medicine use in Africa and he dramatically expanded research and the availability of precision medicine in Africa by establishing The African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology  (AiBST). 

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  1. Watch the video below to hear Masimirembwa describe his work:
  2. Read the following article highlighting Masimirembwa’s work.
    Putting Genomes to Work in AfricaActionsMinimize File Preview

Assignment Details

After reviewing the video and article, write a 300 word or more reflection with your responses to what you saw. You might wish to discuss:

  • What was the most interesting or most confusing about the resources you examined?
  • What have you learned about personalized medicine?
  • What do these resources tell you about the types of people that do science?
  • What new questions do you have after reviewing these resources?


To see how this assignment will be graded, scroll down to view the grading rubric. If no rubric is visible, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of this page, then click “Show Rubric”. If you’re reviewing this assignment using the Canvas mobile app, the rubric is included in the Grade tab.


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